Two gems in the crown of Bagni di Lucca

One of the biggest advantages for Bagni di Lucca is its location. The town is located in a picturesque green valley and is surrounded by beautiful mountains on all the sides which gives it a very peaceful mountain resort feel.

Bagni di Lucca is best known for its thermal baths and springs. The springs of the hills of Corsena are rich in sulphate bicarbonate calcium and have quite a hot temperature. The spa in the town uses the waters from 25 different springs in the region. The waters of these springs had been used for treating various kinds of diseases since the ancient times. The thermal baths had also attracted the attention of several geologists and chemists over the last century.

The healing properties of the waters had been known to people since the Roman times. However, it was only in 1921 that officially a spa had been opened up in Bagni di Lucca in order to take the benefits of the waters of the springs in the region. Bagni di Lucca is known to be one of the oldest health resorts in Europe. The resort had been famous since the Renaissance times and had been often visited by travelers from all over Europe.

Within easy reach of the thermal spas, the local restaurants and bars are two very special hotels. The Corona which once was an elegant 18th century villa sits right on the edge of the river. Dinners can enjoy local specialities whilst taking in the view that sweeps across the bubbling river to the old casino and the Ponte a Serraglio. Hotel Regina is more centrally situated in the very heart of the town and boast sweeping gardens and a beautiful pool strategically situated for good views up and down the river.



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