In a Quad mood

One of my favourite walks around here is Prato Fiorito. Whatever the time of year it offers spectacular views with no too much exertion – a cracking blend as far as I am concerned.

Being a keen walker I never felt tempted towards jumping on a motorbike or quad to check out the scenery, however a few years ago I went quad biking in Queenstown, New Zealand and loved it so much, I keep wanting to have another go. True, at the time, it was so terrifying I had a stiff jaw from clenching my teeth for so long, but what a blast!

As a consequence I am always casting about new landscapes imagining what it would be like to traverse them at improbable angles on a quad bike – that is of course when quading is at its most fun, when you go careening up a vertical slope, over boulders and ravines!

I have always thought Prato Fiorito would be an ideal place to test out my skills – or lack of them!! So imagine my delight when I found out that Lucca Quad do indeed offer guided excursions up there. Actually they offer excursions all over the Garfagnana, this is the perfect playground for quad enthusiasts of any level and I am sure the Italian guide would be far more considerate than my Kiwi guide who told us not to ask questions, never look directly down, only far ahead and never to brake when you feel it is all getting too much but rather, to give it some more ‘welly’ – no wonder I had lock jaw!!


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