The new Bagni Bistro

I have some very exciting news – in a couple of weeks’ time – exact date yet to be confirmed – we will see a new ‘eatery’ opening up in the very heart of Bagni.

I have often looked at this spot and thought how nice it would be if it were made into a terrace from which we could enjoy fine wine, good food or simply a perfect coffee. The location, for those of you who know Bagni, will be immediately recognisable. The Cafe Bistro Regina is going to be an extension to the Hotel Regina and will sit next to the theatre in the shade of those beautiful chestnut trees. Picture perfect!

A quick sub-story here, on the topic of flowering trees. I was about to write an entire blog dedicated to the heady smell of the acacia flowers in bloom, when Debra Kolkka pipped me to the post with her great blog on the very same topic – it must be our Antipodean noses that relish this time of the year!

Anyway, back to the Bistro, you can expect delicious snacks at any time of the day, pre-theatre dinners and, during the warm season, live music too.

I will keep you informed of exact opening dates, keep your eyes peeled too!

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1 Response to The new Bagni Bistro

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Great minds think alike! I am in Amsterdam just now, but will be back in Bagni di Lucca next week. I will check out the new bistro, I look forward to it.

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