Fun and games on the Lima

The river Lima is one of my favourite places from Spring through to the end of Summer. It is lively, sparklingly clean and bone numbingly cold – especially at this time of the year.  When the snow melt mingles with the abundant rain, the river becomes the perfect playground for eager kayakers – mind you the actual rafting season starts in October, but I like to wait for warmer weather to really enjoy hurtling down the river.

After much hoping about from one leg to the next getting into our wet suits, we amble down to the river and into our rafts – H20 are the guys who kit you out, train you up and ultimately haul you out like some soggy kitten at the end of the ride!

I have played around on rivers all my life. The Shotover river in Queenstown, New Zealand being one of my favourites until I discovered rafting on the Lima – you don’t feel you are quite so likely to die either which is pleasant – there is more a sense of really enjoying the river and being part of its turbulent journey, rather than screaming towards rocks and then turning at the very last minute to avoid crashing…

Anyway, Corona and Regina hotels have both teamed up with H20 and are offering special deals to their guests – discounts, warm fluffy towels and a vat of wine for afterwards – ping me over if you are interested and I will fill you in with the little details – just come down and enjoy it with us! Hurry because the season ends once the river shrinks – around mid-June…

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