Solving the drought

Incendi: due elicotteri regionali e un mezzo nazionale in azione ad Arni

We just managed to get Easter over and done with and now the drought-inducing weather has broken – back to back, wall to wall rain. Funny how throughout most of March we would all greet each other with ‘wow wonderful weather… I know we need rain,  but this is great’.

Yes we all knew we needed the rain, I had been tapping my water barrels for weeks now, down to some soupy brown stuff at the bottom and my laurels have gone crispy – now they are plain soggy!

This was a record for the ‘flying buckets’ – helicopters were draining water from tanks to put out bush fires all over the place – Prato Fiorito, behind Crasciana – now they can safely retire, we are busy watching the river as it swells!

Still once this is over (there is an endless week or water to face first) everything will be lush and green and perfect for hiking, rafting and porcini picking – although on that front there always seems to be an excuse or another why the ‘porcini season’ is poor – too much wind, too much rain, not enough rain, too little wind and so on. The rafting should be spectacular so looking forward to that and the acacias blossoming with their magical sweet smell wafting through the hills…. bring back the sun!!

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1 Response to Solving the drought

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    We need this rain, so we can’t complain. We are going to Sardegna next week so I hope it stops by then.

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