Up to Prato Fiorito

As everyone stares, mesmerised, at the stunning blossoms and tree tulips that have exploded all over the place, I have pulled on my walking boots and headed for Prato Fiorito – a lopsided translation would be ‘flowering meadows’.

It is much more than that however, a 20 minute drive up the back of Bagni di Lucca, it is a real tonic to the senses. You emerge puffing and bent over (well I did, some are more elegant!) to look out over soaring views. Actually it doesn’t matter what time of the year you take this walk, just ensure it is a clear day – although for added effect you could go up in a storm, depends what sort of experience you are after!

At any rate now is when it lives up to its name as the soft creamy grass that covers the summit is studded with little purple crocuses. Someone once told me that in full bloom the top of Prato Fiorito became a violet hue – but I can’t say I have witnessed that as yet – in fact, the day after we were up there I woke in the middle of the night to a strange orange hue and saw the top of Prato Fiorito was ablaze – it went on all night and in the morning the top was black – heart breaking!

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2 Responses to Up to Prato Fiorito

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    There was a helicopter getting water from the river yesterday, perhaps this is what it was for.

  2. Hi! Pity we could not see your face in the photo! 🙂

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