Art and Happiness

I recently visited the Marc Chagall’s Spiritual Journey exhibition in Lucca – truly beautiful and inspiring. It was yet another reminder of how lucky I am living here surrounded by so much art, beautiful architecture, great food and so on. There seems to be an endless stream of wonderful events that fit right into the actual context of this part of Italy. Well OK so Chagall was French with some Russian thrown in, but the point is that you can walk out of such an exhibition and still feel cocooned in beauty!

In contrast to Marc Chagall, yet very powerful in its own right was the ‘Omens’ exhibition by Bruno Pedrosa still in Lucca.

For more light hearted notes you can venture to Bagni di Lucca once again where they have had a Winter of laughs – quite literally – with the Film Festival ‘The Giants of Italian Comedy’.

There really is no reason not to feel inspired, uplifted and amused around here – only confusing thing is the amount of choice!

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1 Response to Art and Happiness

  1. We are always inspired by Chagall! Great exhibition to have near us!

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