From Zero to Spring

One minute we are shivering away in Siberian-like temperatures, watching as the penguins waddle across the icy river and the next we have thrown our many layers off and everyone is perched outside their house, faces tilted up to the sun like human sunflowers – even the dogs are sunbathing. Bring it on!! I don’t care if this heralds my hay fever, I am bone weary of that cold!

I have to say though, it seems to have been a short – if violent – Winter – if this truly is the end of it of course! I registered 26 degrees in the sun today – last week I was skiing, this week I am sunbathing!!

The menu at the Corona has swiftly shifted from warming hotpots, to more lightweight offerings and those guests who had booked and then cancelled due to Rome being covered in snow, have now decided to venture out – so all is well – we survived the ice age – phew!!

And we have had a rash of booking for wedding parties this coming Summer – so 2012 is shaping up to be a very good year indeed – early Spring tints things in pinky hues that makes the world seem particularly good – that’s how it feels right now!!



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2 Responses to From Zero to Spring

  1. Nice post and very nice description of the changes!

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