Catapulted head first from crossed skis…

As I read it, I could just imagine it – in fact I could practically feel it!! This was in a recent article in The Daily Telegraph in which Boris Johnson, Mayor of London talks about his abrupt ski encounter with a small eight year old on the Italian ski slopes of Aosta.

As it turns out, the little boy’s father was so taken by the way Boris kept apologising to his son, he actually wrote an article in the Corriere della Sera  praising the British politicians who don’t take their status too seriously.

It is an interesting fact really when you start comparing the British politicians and their Italian counterparts, the Brits are without doubt very keen on remaining as close to the public as they can, the Italians on the other hand take their role as one that elevates them beyond mere mortals. What with David Cameron refusing to take offence when the Italian waitress suggested he get his own coffee to Berlusconi who used to refuse to step foot outside without an entire entourage, it boils down to those who don’t mind laughing at themselves and have a real sense of their humanity and those who are all about ensuring they look good no matter what, regardless of how the people who depend on them to sort out a mess are getting along.

I must say, the catapulting Brits get my vote!

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1 Response to Catapulted head first from crossed skis…

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Let’s hope Super Mario is a new type of Italian politician who can encourage Italians to do what needs to be done to get the country moving. I love the new slogan “Vada a bordo cazzo” adopted from the conversation with the ship captain, and now being used as a rallying cry to get together to make things better instead of just thinking about yourself.

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