Snow flavoured ice cream

It might be a tad chilly right now for ice cream but that has not stopped our friend Paolo from opening his second gelateria.  As a matter of duty and in a quest to report back honestly, I had to go to Fornaci di Barga and try out his claims for most delicious gelato – truly scrummy indeed.

The Italians, quite rightly, are very proud of their ice cream production and in order to really get what they are on about you need to steer clear of mass-produced brands and seek out ‘artigianale – produzione propria’ which means home made and totally addictive. Interesting too to see that Paolo is making a yoghurt based range – great, healthy ice cream!

So now that Paolo has two gelaterias under his belt he is going to focus first and foremost on building his different flavours. I love that too of Italian ice creams – they actually have seasonal themes such as chestnut in late Autumn through to zesty grapefruit in the Summer. And the combinations…. creamy vanilla with silky dark streaks of chocolate and fresh ruby red raspberry coulis…. hmmmmmm.

OK so we look forward to seeing where he will crop up next, ice cream cone in hand and that big cheery smile. Good luck Paolo!


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