Celebrating Italian food

I just read a really interesting article on Lonely Planet’s website which got me thinking a little about how the Italian’s view their fabulous food. The range is extensive, the tastes and textures varying from region to region, so much so that you could be forgiven for thinking you are stepping from one country into another. Yet there are common threads…. pasta will be pasta and pizzas abund and good food is to be had whether the dining area has a starched table cloth or a cheap paper one. Food is absolutely central to the whole Italian theatre of life. I recently flew back into Pisa on a late night flight and as I stood waiting for my bags a lone Italian stood nearby and suddenly muttered to himself how he could murder a pasta al pomodoro – it was said with such longing, I too felt suddenly ravenous for some good Italian nosh. One has but to read an Italian recipe to start getting the taste buds going – check out Panini Girl’s blog and you will see what I mean. Meanwhile back at the Corona, our ongoing resolution is to keep up the delicious meals we keep passionately dishing up – and that’s it really, it is the passion which goes with the good ingredients that make Italians such culinary masters – Happy New year to everyone, may it be a year filled with good food, friends and fun!!

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2 Responses to Celebrating Italian food

  1. paninigirl says:

    Thank you so much for linking me! I’m assuming you must know Debra from Bagni di Lucca and Beyond-is that right? She brought me to your town for a day back in May and it’s so lovely! I will be back in Lucca again this May and hopefully can visit again.

  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    I can’t wait to get beck to Bagni di Lucca for some lovely local food.

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