Thermal thoughts at Christmas!

All is twinkly and geared up for the festive period which is lovely, guests are enjoying long walks in the mountains and the weather is still quite warm, for the Season.  Meanwhile at the Corona restaurant we have been concentrating on creating delicious Wintry meals that involve lots of locally picked mushrooms and saffron, wild boar and all things chestnut!

Whilst we wait for a proper dump of snow so that Abetone can come into its own we have cast our eye to the health giving properties of ‘taking the waters‘. This really is the time of year when we can most benefit from the thermal baths – quite a part from the fact that this is one of the most relaxing and hedonistic experiences, it boosts our immunity thereby keeping all the Seasonal ‘lurgies’ at bay.

For those who wants a serious dose of minerals there are natural steam rooms cut into the rock face and of course those sumptuous marble baths filled with tingling hot mineral water which really do soak away all aches and pains.

Bagni di Lucca’s most recently refurbished baths just happen to be a mere 5 minutes walk from us, across the river via the footbridge and up on the opposite hill.  It just so happens that Corona guests get a discount up at the Bernabo Baths so thermal bathing is definitely a treat worth investigating right now!!


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2 Responses to Thermal thoughts at Christmas!

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Has the Bernabo opened finally? I am very keen to try that tub when I come back in February. I was hovering about waiting while I was there in October and November.

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