Scratching that ski itch

There is no doubt that for those bitten by the ski bug this has to be the favourite season. Just the thought of crunching through the snow, snapping on those skis and launching off down the slope is enough to get the heartbeat racing. So really it is not a matter of whether but rather where and when. At the risk of putting a downer on the topic there is the inevitable cost factor which these days seems to dominate more…. but give up on going skiing? hardly!

We may be half an hour away from the actual ski slopes but don’t let this put you off as we have managed to negotiate a rather natty little deal – if I say so myself!  From the middle of December onwards all our guests will be given complimentary all-mountain ski passes – for the entire duration of their stay! You may already know this but our local ski resort,  Abetone, tucked 2000 meters up in the Apenines is probably the Florentines best kept snow secret. They probably would rather keep it this way – so apologies to them in advance!

Now if having free ski lifts isn’t enough to lure you, consider too that one of the most hedonistic ways of enjoying a good day’s skiing is by taking a dip in one of the nearby thermal pools – just a few minutes away from our front door. That and a well deserved massage – what better way to iron out over-skied muscles?

So – all we need is the white stuff and the dream will be complete – bound to happen soon!




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2 Responses to Scratching that ski itch

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    We have been to Abetone to ski a couple of times. It’s great! Let’s hope we get some good snow this year. It would be really good if there was a bus service up to Abetone. Parking can be a bit difficult up there.

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