In honor of spelt

 Whilst seemingly everywhere else in Europe the focus is on a frenzy of Christmas shopping, you will find it quietly refreshing to know that here in Lucca right now they are celebrating the humble spelt.

Bit surprising, I hear you mutter, as you check out the turkeys and grab another pack of fairy lights, but this is part of a four weekend-long celebration of Lucca’s culinary traditions – Il Desco.

This event focuses on local wine and food and is being held in Lucca’s cloisters as well as the Real Collegio. This just goes to show how much store the Italians put on their food – and why not – theirs is wonderful and nutritious food. Certainly right now I can guarantee you only a handful of folk in the UK will be thinking of spelt, and even the French with all their love of food are probably more intent on stuffing their geese – ok possibly with spelt… but still!

Last weekend in Lucca was dedicated to the bean (faggiolo) and the following weekend is all about chestnuts and then we move to cigars and chocolates – well ok – desert – got to be a little less healthy every now and then.

What I love is the devotion and passion with which the Italians talk about their food – Il Desco has been likened to an art exhibition and frankly that’s what it is like – only rather than just enjoying the visual experience you get to taste and inhale the exhibits – much more satisfying by far!!



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