Chestnut soup and La Boheme

 It is obviously a cultural month in our neck of the woods – having enjoyed a wonderful evening of Opera at the Bagni di Lucca Theatre last week I am now torn between sampling what is being described as the ‘workhorse of restaurants’, Chestnut Soup , at festival in Seravezza or dive into Lucca and catch La Boheme – decisions decisions….

The Italian’s love for music and good food is second to none. On the one hand we have Berlusconi who thinks nothing of leaving us with an album of love songs – can’t remember any other Premier doing that….. and then every month in Italy is dedicated to a festival of some sort to celebrate seasonal food.

You are quite literally surrounded by festival upon festival, one worth checking out is the forthcoming festival to be held in Camaiore to celebrate the first press of this year’s olive oil and the new wine.

I love that, the French pull out all the marketing stops to launch their Beaujolais Nouveau which is mostly enjoyed in wine bars in London, and quietly in the background the Italians enjoy and keep their new wine to themselves!

That’s Italy for you, they sing, eat and drink and enjoy life without making too much of a fuss about it – that is what they were put on planet earth to do!! Love it!

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1 Response to Chestnut soup and La Boheme

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    The festival at Camaiora looks great. I would like to go to that one this weekend.

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