When Tintin came to Lucca

If you happened to be in Lucca over the last few days you are very likely to have bumped into Batman. In fact in the space of about 20 minutes I saw at least three different Batmen – and one was a Batdog (don’t ask). All sorts of weird and wonderful characters were strolling along the walls or mingling with the crowds in the streets – actually mostly they were the crowds in the streets. Anyone dressed in normal garb looked out of place.

It’s all about COMIX this weekend – one of Lucca’s most popular events. Hotels are booked up as far out as Bagni di Lucca – yes, that’s right, there are no rooms left either at the Corona or the Regina, they are all filled with cartoon characters! Boy do they take it seriously too. The costumes and makeup are top notch – the imagination and creativity is striking. I particularly love seeing the likes of Tintin out on a terrace having a coffee with Asterix – perhaps they are reminiscing on their days in Belgium!

Meanwhile a lone Ninja Turtle is taking photos of Alice in Wonderland posing next to some robot-like character – it feels like being on some fantastical film set, a film set that spans an entire city. If Puccini were to return home he would most definitely get a bit of a shock!

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1 Response to When Tintin came to Lucca

  1. bagnidilucca says:

    I wish I had been here for that.

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