Taking a gamble

Up until recently you could look out from the Corona Hotel at the beautiful old casino over the river and just wonder what it must have been like in its hay-day. Certainly from the outside it still has all that former grandeur and it seemed such a shame that it was sitting idle. Well, pretty much idle. It had been turned into the local tourist office but you always got the feeling, on going in, that it yearned to be something much fancier!

So how exciting when they re-opened. It has to be said, this is not the first (or second) time the place has been re-opened as a casino. This is probably its third if not fourth incarnation – let’s hope it can really take off this time.  It certainly looks the part!

Collaboration is not something that comes naturally to many of those in local businesses, not sure why given their heritage for sticking together. So I was particularly delighted to see that they have teamed up with the Corona and are offering guests 5 euros worth of chips and a glass of bubbly to get them started. Although I might have slightly turned my nose up at the fact that whilst the setting is authentic the actual casino is all electronic, you soon forget that. Everything is very state of the art and sophisticated and actually being in such a lavish environment you quickly feel the part. Our 5 euros of chips lasted us just long enough give us a taste for a little more, and another glass of bubbly too!

When we left and started back over the foot-bridge I looked back to admire what once was a bustling casino. It might be more sedate but it still looks the part and offers some stylish fun.

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