On figs and fashion

How lovely is a mellow Autumn. It is still hitting the high twenties these days, with starry nights and bright blue days. In fact you would be hard pushed to think it is already October. We are still swimming in the river and combining this with the best harvesting (in my opinion) of the year. Sweet, sticky, sun-ripened figs, huge creamy walnuts, fresh green chestnuts and of course those porcini I was rambling on about a couple of posts ago. This is the time of the year when all the Summer seems concentrated into the last fruits and nuts of the year. So between swims we are walking and picking and it just has to be the best time of the year for all of these. Hardly any tourists left, soft gentle days and delicious things to eat. To remind myself that there are other things going on beyond our river and woods I took a train trip to Firenze and visited the recently opened Gucci museum which celebrates 90 years of the super-brand. This is a feast of another sort and most definitely worth leaving your harvesting basket behind for.

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