Bridge over troubled water

Driving to Bagni di Lucca from Lucca you have a choice of travelling along either the left or right bank of the river Serchio. My favourite by far is the old winding road on the right hand side. Whichever way you choose however, you will definitely know you have almost reached your destination when you clap eyes on Ponte della Maddalena.  It is by far one of the most unusual and beautiful bridges I have ever seen. All hump-backed it makes me think, when seen in certain lights, of the Loch Ness monster … check it out! Anyway, regardless of its resemblance to a Scottish legend, it has its own very quaint legend. The story goes that the bridge’s builder was in despair at the slow rate of building progress (that sounds familiar!) Anyway apparently the Devil himself (disguised as a business man – again a familiar analogy) convinced the builder that he would finish the bridge overnight, so long as he could claim the first soul to cross the bridge. Nowadays said business men are keener on the colour of your money than your soul, how times have changed! Anyway, the builder made the pact (you can feel his temptation) and tricked the devil by sending a pig over the bridge when it was finished. Poor porky, still the Devil was most put out and stomped off never to be seen again! I love stories that end well!!

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