Michelangelo’s plans come to life

It is rather exciting to see hear that the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence may finally be given the facade which Michelangelo designed for it back in 1515.  According to the records work stopped when Signor Buonaroti’s plans were deemed too expensive, the situation wasn’t helped by the fact that one of the masons was killed during work on the building and Michelangelo was badly shaken.  Anyone who has attempted to undertake building work will sympathise with the Renaissance genius, having your great plans shelved for over 500 years is quite a wait. It took us a good six months of sitting under tons of scaffolding when we recently had the facade at our Corona hotel re-done, it might not be covered in hand crafted Carrara marble but the end result was worth the dust and disturbance. Anyway,  I look forward to being awed by the new facade of the Basilica, let’s hope we get to see it on our lifetime!


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I just happen to be one very lucky person who gets to stay lots at the Hauser's - it really is a wonderful place to stay, so they have a hard time keeping me away!
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