Summer in Festas

There is no doubt which is an Italian’s favourite season.  Summer is celebrated from the moment it starts getting warmer and the end of Summer is mourned with a final Festa in September.  The thing about an Italian village Festa is that they are not produced for the tourist, it is very much an Italian affair – of course everyone is welcome, but you won’t find an English menu or any concession to the foreigner. That is what makes these little, heritage-filled Festas so authentic and very special. It feels like you are stepping back in time. There are street parties in almost every little mountain village throughout the Summer and everyone attends. The locals dance their feet off, sing their hearts out and eat and drink.  At some Festas people get dressed up in medieval costumes.  Other Festas involve religious processions. Some have fire works, karaoke or live bands. One constant is the delicious food and the great family-oriented atmosphere. This is probably one of the best ways to get to know what la Dolce Vita is all about – and really join in!


About hotelhauserhappenings

I just happen to be one very lucky person who gets to stay lots at the Hauser's - it really is a wonderful place to stay, so they have a hard time keeping me away!
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