UK Prime Minister has to get his own coffee

Had David Cameron and his wife stayed here in Bagni di Lucca he wouldn’t have to bother getting up to get his own coffee, but the news this morning where the waitress at their local Tuscan cafe told him to get his own drink is quite amusing. It actually is a great illustration of what I believe makes part of the charm and character of Italy. Customer relationship management – or CRM – comes from the heart not from a text book. The Italian definition of service, as I see it, is ‘if I like you I will serve you well, really well. If I don’t know you, I may, if I feel like it, but then again, I may not’. It is honest and refreshing. there are times however when a little CRM wouldn’t hurt, but I am sure David Cameron was secretly quite happy to be treated like any other mere mortal for a change!


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