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The upsides of loosing tradition

Tradition is key to Italians. Everything is deeply steeped in the stuff, it is part of what makes up their charm and charisma. Traditional cuisine, traditional recipes, traditional festas, street parties and above all, traditional ways of doing things. This … Continue reading

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Porcini season

Just as we start thinking, rather wistfully, that Summer is almost over there is a sudden onslaught of activity in the hills and forests. It seems as though every small mountain village has been stretched to bursting with Summer visitors, … Continue reading

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Bridge over troubled water

Driving to Bagni di Lucca from Lucca you have a choice of travelling along either the left or right bank of the river Serchio. My favourite by far is the old winding road on the right hand side. Whichever way … Continue reading

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Michelangelo’s plans come to life

It is rather exciting to see hear that the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence may finally be given the facade which Michelangelo designed for it back in 1515.  According to the records work stopped when Signor Buonaroti’s plans were … Continue reading

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Summer in Festas

There is no doubt which is an Italian’s favourite season.  Summer is celebrated from the moment it starts getting warmer and the end of Summer is mourned with a final Festa in September.  The thing about an Italian village Festa … Continue reading

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UK Prime Minister has to get his own coffee

Had David Cameron and his wife stayed here in Bagni di Lucca he wouldn’t have to bother getting up to get his own coffee, but the news this morning where the waitress at their local Tuscan cafe told him to … Continue reading

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