Puccini at the Regina

Back in the 17th century our hotel was a place of inspiration for Giacomo Puccini, in fact it is in our very own hotel that this great composer wrote Turandot.  This sort of historical fact and the way that few really talk about it is part of what makes up the charm of Bagni di Lucca. Over the centuries our town has played host to numerous writers, poets and composers, yet it is only if you really start to dig that you can – tentatively – follow their tracks. To all intents and purposes little has changed, the landscape may be a little more wooded and some of the paths a tad more overgrown but it is all pretty intact.  Once you walk out our front door you have a huge choice of glorious walks that are still as they were when Puccini, Byron, Shelley and Keats (to mention but a few) went tramping for inspiration. And we are still welcoming artists from all over the world – film and script writers from the US, artists from the Antipodes and, just last week, a newly published author (not to mention many would-be poets all on their way to fame!) I do believe the inspiration of the many great artists from centuries ago lives on in our green hills!


About hotelhauserhappenings

I just happen to be one very lucky person who gets to stay lots at the Hauser's - it really is a wonderful place to stay, so they have a hard time keeping me away!
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